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Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to BOOK TWO in the Beauty Secrets Series KISS & MAKEUP.


Ziva Diaz has been really looking forward to this week. Her best friend is getting married and her beauty line is launching. Life is good and she’s on top of the world – what could go wrong?

Sabotage, a feud, and a murder, it turns out.

Stumbling over a dead body on the beach trips Ziva up in more ways than one, particularly when one of her beauty clients is charged with the murder. She doesn’t believe for a minute that Mrs. J. would murder anyone; too bad she’s the only one. As Ziva sets out to solve the mystery, someone else sets out to ruin both her reputation and her friend’s wedding.

Can Ziva solve the case and serve up some just desserts? Or will her investigation fall flatter than a wedding soufflé?

Available MAY 26th or PREORDER Now:

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