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Meet Eyeliner & Alibis

Hey Awesome Readers,

I’m excited to share with you that Book 3 in my Beauty Secrets Series, EYELINER & ALIBIS, has a release date of August 29th! If you’ve been waiting for more of Ziva and Finn, then this is *the* book for you. Oh, plus it’s full of all the plot twists that you and I love.

Can’t wait until then?

Well you’re in luck.

I’d love to give you Book 3 for FREE in exchange for an honest review. Sound like something you’re interested in? Great! You can sign up to join my ARC Team here and I’ll send you a link to download the book as soon as it’s ready.

Some of you guys are already members. Have no fear. I already have your name on the list. And stay tuned for an awesome New Release Giveaway. Working on the details now!


So here’s what someone recently had to say about Makeup & Murder. What do you think? Are they right? Drop me a review and let me know!

Reviews are how I know if I should keep writing in a series or start something new. Your feedback really does matter!

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