Beauty & Bloodshed is LIVE!


Can’t a girl get a vacation?

If you’re Ziva Diaz, that answer is no. What’s worse, no one believes Ziva when she tells them about the murder she just witnessed. Where’s the body? Where’s the evidence?

If Ziva could just forget what she saw she could walk away, but images like that never leave you and neither will Ziva, even if that means riding out the hurricane that’s heading straight towards the resort.

Can Ziva solve a murder and fly to safety before the storm hits? Or will she be trapped on an island with the killer on the loose? Find out in Book 5 of the Beauty Secrets Series.

Book 5 is LIVE TODAY!!!!

So excited to continued to share Ziva’s adventures with you. Happy reading!


Beauty & Bloodshed has a fun paranormal subplot–a first for me. Can’t wait to hear what you think!
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