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Mystic Inn Mysteries

Welcome to the enchanted town of Silverlake, Georgia—a place where a witch can find more than a little rest and relaxation. Nestled amongst the mature pecan groves and winding creeks are plenty of magical mishaps, spellbinding curses and bewitching spells. All of which offer tourists more than the travel brochures promised. 

Spirited Sweets Mysteries

Set in a lakeside village of Northern Michigan, this series features a husband and wife crime-solving duo with a twist—the hubby is a ghost (think of the movie Ghost only Patrick Swayze sticks around and Demi Moore can see him all the time.) Dive in if paranormal cozies and baking is your jam. 

Witch In Time

Do you have a thing for time travel and cold cases? Then give the Witch in Time series a try. In this book, Agent Vee Harper finds herself sent to 1962 New York with nothing more than a dress, a handful of cash, and a missing woman’s address. With only a week to solve the case, Vee needs to move fast, or the woman will be lost forever. Click the link if you’ve ever wanted to change the past.

Beauty Secrets Series

A southern mystery with a young woman trying to make a name for herself. Give it a read if you have a soft spot for Savannah, Georgia, like feisty sidekicks, and have respect for women who don’t back down from a threat.  

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Angelica swore off magic when she left Silverlake. Summoned back home 13 years later, she’s soon contending with a spell-related death — and her ex…

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