Book 1 in the Spirited Sweets Mystery Series is NOW AVAILABLE!

Meet Claire and Nick. They’re the perfect crime solving couple–except one of them is dead.



If you love books with a dash of spice and twist of whodunit, you’re going to love Beauty Secrets mysteries!

The BEAUTY SECRETS SERIES are humorous romantic mysteries featuring Ziva Diaz, a girl boss who doesn’t back down from a challenge or chocolate. The books are smart and sassy, and infused with Janet Evanovich style-humor. Read them now!

Beauty Secrets Series Order:
Book One: Makeup & Murder
Book Two: Kiss & Makeup
Book Three: Eyeliner & Alibis
Book Four: Pedicures & Prejudice
Book Five: Beauty & Bloodshed
Book Six: Charm & Deception

Grab a chai latte and escape to Port Haven today!

Who knew selling lipstick was so deadly?

Beauty consultant Ziva Diaz is a girl boss who doesn’t back down from anyone.

When she’s attacked inside a client’s home and wakes to find a dead body, she gives up the safety of selling lipsticks for the dangerous role of detective. With suspects piling up, a killer on the loose and her own life threatened, Ziva vows to solve the case and digs her high heels in even deeper. .

The last thing she expected is finding another dead body – or befriending the murderer..

Birthday cake & dead bodies. Oh boy.

Ziva doesn’t believe for a minute that her beauty client and family friend, Mrs. Birdie Jackson, would murder anyone.
Too bad she’s the only one.

If that wasn't bad enough, someone is out to sabotage Ziva's best friend's wedding and ruin Ziva's reputation.

Can Ziva solve the case and serve up some just desserts? Or will her investigation fall flatter than a wedding soufflé?

Find out in Book 2 of the BEAUTY SECRETS SERIES!

Ziva Diaz stepped in front of the camera and onto the set of a murder.

Ziva's national television debut is a complete disaster, and when the host at fault is murdered, the detective sets her eyes on Ziva. As Ziva races to clear her name, the case lands on the front page of the tabloids. But there’s more to this investigation than a dead starlet and a jealous ex-husband.

When another body washes up, Ziva realizes the stakes are even higher. Can she clear her name and solve the case before the killer strikes again?

P.S. If you've been waiting for more of Finn & Ziva, this is *the* book. Get ready!

The desert is a beautiful dump a body.

When a sight-seeing excursion turns tragic, Ziva and the gang land in the middle of a murder investigation.

Fashion designer, Melanie May, was a girl boss on a mission, but her ambitions may have cost her her life.

Who wanted her dead?

Turns out, just about everyone.

Disgruntled customers, jaded rivals, a controlling boyfriend, and even her own parents top the list.

And the killer isn't done yet. Is the killer targeting women in leadership roles? Can Ziva identify the next target before it's too late? You've never seen Vegas like this before! #girlbossstrong

Ziva doesn't believe in ghosts. Too bad they believe in her...

Can’t a girl get a vacation?

If you’re Ziva Diaz, that answer is no. What’s worse, no one believes Ziva when she tells them about the murder she just witnessed. Where’s the body? Where’s the evidence?

If Ziva could just forget what she saw she could walk away, but images like that never leave you and neither will Ziva, even if that means riding out the hurricane that's heading straight towards the resort.

Can Ziva solve a murder and fly to safety before the storm hits? Will she be trapped on an island with the killer on the loose? Or is something more spooky afoot?

Find out in Book 5 of the Beauty Secrets Series.

Even the most charming men can be deceiving.

Just when Ziva is ready to settle into married life, her husband's past comes back to haunt him. Now, with a dead body in her bed and her husband on the run, it's up to Ziva to crack the case and catch the real killer befor he makes his next mark—right in the center of her husband's chest.

Free Mystery

When your best friend is charged with a crime, you step up and take the case.

Even if that means tracking down a killer…