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Happy Yule, Readers!

I’m excited to announce that my paranormal cozy mystery series, A Witch in Time, is now available in Kindle Unlimited! If you’re a fan of witches, time travel, and solving mysteries, you won’t want to miss this series.

In the first book, BETTER WITCH, Agent Vee Harper finds herself sent to 1962 New York with nothing more than a dress, a handful of cash, and a missing woman’s address. With only a week to solve the case, Vee needs to move fast, or the woman will be lost forever.

Book 2, PLAY FOR TIME, opens with Vee forced to examine her feelings (ew). Luckily, she doesn’t have to question her heart for long. A cold case falls in her lap. Four crimes, two deaths, and only one thing in common, the zip code. Are supernaturals being cursed, or is it something worse? Follow Vee back to Chicago in 1962 to solve the case.

In the third book, TIME WILL TELL, Vee is living the dream, jumping through time, and solving the unsolvable for the Agency of Paranormal Peculiarities. That is until her boyfriend, fellow-time traveling witch Detective Michael Cooper, sends out a magical SOS that rocks her world.

If you’re a fan of boxed sets, the complete collection is also available and it includes 2 bonus stories. You can check that out HERE 

And real quick!

Can you do me a favor?

Can you comment below and let me know if you have Kindle Unlimited? Your input will help me with future releases.

Thank you!



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