Amazon gift card + a delicious cocktail

TGIF Peeps!

I absolutely LOVE Fridays. Don’t you?

Friendly reminder:

Today’s the last day to enter my Amazon gift card giveaway. I’ve got a purdy little $10 gift card just waiting for one lucky reader. All you have to do is like my Facebook page.

For those of you who aren’t on Facebook, don’t worry, I’ll have another giveaway coming up that you can participate in.


Don’t forget, Limitless Mystery is hosting a giveaway on BookFunnel. Forty-eight (48!!!) mystery novels are up for grabs (including MAKEUP & MURDER). Snag a few, or all of them, NOW!

I’ll have more news next week, including details on Book 6! In case you hadn’t heard, Finn’s past is catching up with him and he’s in so. much. trouble.


Thank you SO much for the awesome reviews of MAKEUP & MURDER. Your kind words fill my heart with so much LOVE. I can’t even. THANK YOU! Seriously.


Here’s the recipe for the DELICIOUS cocktail Ziva raves about in KISS & MAKEUP

I think it’s absolutely perfect for a hot summer day.

Anyone want to host a cocktail hour?

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