Kiss & Makeup is FREE Y’all!




Amazon made Book 2 in my Beauty Secrets Series FREE.

And didn’t tell me.

Or ask me.

Of course I freaked out and was about to email customer support and ask what was up…

But then I thought of you 🙂

Note: The book is only free on Amazon. It’s still $2.99 everywhere else. It’s also just the ebook. Paperback still costs some moola.

Big Note: I have no idea when it’ll revert back to its normal price, so nab it now!


I have some seriously fabulous news to share.

Book 6 in the series CHARM & DECEPTION release date is July 27th. If you’ve been an ARC reader for me in the past (or have recently emailed me asking to become one). Stay tuned. Review copies will be heading out within the next week.

Also note, I’m not linking the book here. The preorder price is $2.99, but I’ll launch it at .99 cents just for you guys (and I’ll let you know when it’s live!) So don’t order it now!


Makeup & Murder currently has 86 reviews. I’d love to get that number to 100!

When that happens, I’ll offer up a magical giveaway for all of you (okay, maybe not magical, but I’ll think of something fabulous.)

Not a wordsmith?

No worries. Either am I.

Seriously, just provide a star rating and a sentence or two saying what you liked about the book.

Easy peasy.

I sincerely appreciate it!

“What’s up with the covers?”

Turns out you guys love the old covers, which isn’t surprising (we naturally don’t like change!)

But guess what?

The market prefers the new ones.

What’s an author to do?!?

Guess I’ll test them out! We’ll see if these babies bring any new readers or if they totally flop 🙂

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