Bust out the bubbly – CHARM & DECEPTION is here!

Whew guys,

It has been 7 months since I’ve published ANYTHING, which for me is a crazy long time. In between raising four kids and a challenging grad program, I just didn’t have the time to write.

But that’s changed.

I recently put my graduate degree on hold. Life was too much, too busy, and I found I wasn’t having the time to do what I really loved, which is write.

So that’s what I’m now doing full time. This means I’ll have plenty of new stories releasing throughout the fall and into the new year. I also just inked my first ever publishing contract for a multi author cozy series from a legit publishing house. More on that soon!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the latest installment of Ziva and Finn, and the entire rest of Port Haven’s cast of characters.

To celebrate the release of Book 6, I’m hosting the SUMMER SLEUTHING SALE! 

Stop on by my website to snag some amazing mysteries. All are FREE or .99 cents!


Meet Beauty Secrets Mystery #6

Just when Ziva is ready to settle into married life, her husband’s past comes back to haunt him. Now, with a dead body in her bed and her husband on the run, it’s up to Ziva to crack the case and catch the real killer befor he makes his next mark—right in the center of her husband’s chest.

As promised, Charmed & Deception is priced at .99 cents through the weekend. After that the price will jump up!!!


Grab one, grab all!

Sit back and enjoy the warmth of summer by
solving a new mystery today!

Makeup & Murder currently has 91 reviews. I’d love to get that number to 100!

When that happens, I’ll offer up a magical giveaway for all of you (okay, maybe not magical, but I’ll think of something fabulous.)

Not a wordsmith?

No worries. Either am I.

Seriously, just provide a star rating and a sentence or two saying what you liked about the book.

Easy peasy.

I sincerely appreciate it!

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