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Hey guys,

So as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been hard at work writing in two series and it’s time for me to share them with you!

One of those series is Spirited Sweets. The books are quick reads (1-2 hours) and set in a fictional town in Northern Michigan outside of the Traverse City area–a place that I know and love well. In fact, I have a childhood full of memories spent along the Lake Michigan shoreline and my husband and I were married there 12 years ago. Known for it’s pristine water, sweet cherries, and vineyards galore, it’s a must stop vacation destination if you’re ever in the Mitten State. If you’re a Michigan native, you know what I’m talking about!

Which is why it’s the perfect setting for a cozy series.


Claire and Nick are the perfect crime-solving couple.

Except one of them is dead.

Ever since Nick passed, Claire has been able to see spirits.

Well the grounded ones anyway.

When Nick’s grandmother makes an untimely exit, Nick relies on his ever-clever wife to track the clues and bring the killer to justice. Claire is more than willing to take the case if only to send the salty Mrs. London up to the Pearly Gates and get her out of her hair…and bakery.

Bittersweet Betrayal will be available Next Wednesday Oct 24th…and look for a new book in the series two weeks after that!

Trust me, I’m writing like a mad woman over here!

The other series that I’m writing in is Sweet Promise Press’s FUNERAL FAKERS. The series features out-of-work actresses living in Asheville, North Carolina who work as Personal Mourners–Did you know that was a real thing? Seriously. Each actress stumbles upon a mystery during the job they work and must work to solve it.

And good news for Kindle Unlimited Readers–the series will launch directly to KU!

The series launches the first of November, with a new book every Friday.

Here’s the blurb for my book–Mourning After. Dropping on BLACK FRIDAY!

And check out all the series covers below. Don’t they look great?

With that being said, I have a couple of ARC opportunities open for you. If you’d like to read and review a copy of either Mourning After or for the Spirited Sweet Series, pop over and fill out this form. Spots are limited so claim your copy now!

As of now, my publishing schedule looks like this:

Oct 24th – Bittersweet Betrayal (Spirited Sweets)
Nov 7th – Decadent Demise (Spirited Sweets)
Nov 20th – Red Velvet Revenge (Spirited Sweets)
Nov 23rd – Mourning After (Funeral Faker)
Dec 11th – Cursed Confections (Spirited Sweets)

Then what should I write next? Start another new series? Another Beauty Secrets Mystery? Let me know!



Beauty and lies collide in this fresh and flirty mystery series.

Beauty consultant Ziva Diaz is a girl boss who doesn’t back down from anyone.
When she’s attacked inside a client’s home and wakes to find a dead body, she gives up the safety of selling lipsticks for the dangerous role of detective. With suspects piling up, a killer on the loose and her own life threatened, Ziva vows to solve the case and digs her high heels in even deeper.
The last thing she expected is finding another dead body.
The BEAUTY SECRETS SERIES are humorous romantic mysteries featuring Ziva Diaz, a girl boss who doesn’t back down from a challenge or chocolate.

Beauty Secrets Series Order
Book One: Makeup & Murder
Book Two: Kiss & Makeup
Book Three: Eyeliner & Alibis
Book Four: Pedicures & Prejudice
Book Five: Beauty & Bloodshed
Short Story: A Ring to Die For

I’m a mystery author with a soft spot for romance and humor, too. I love all things girlie with a dollop of danger, have a strong affinity for the color pink (especially in diamonds and champagne), and, not to brag, but chocolate and I are in a pretty serious relationship.
My books are fun and flirty, and feature smart and sassy sleuths. If you love books with a dash of spice and twist of whodunit, you’re going to love my work!

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