For the next 4 days, the SPIRITED SWEETS BOXED SET is on sale!

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The boxed set includes 3 full-length mysteries:

  • Bittersweet Betrayal
  • Decadent Demise
  • Red Velvet Revenge

Here’s a look at the start of the first book:

Bittersweet Betrayal

I’m a morning person. I’ve always been. I don’t need coffee in my cup or a ghost’s face popping out of my bread dough to get me rising, which is why at 5 AM I stared wide-eyed at the talking head lecturing me on my bread-making skills. You would think my recent experiences with the paranormal would make me an expert at such ghostly encounters, but truth be told, I was far from one.

“I’ve never seen bread made this way. With a machine? Tsk tsk. That would never fly in my kitchen,” the talking head lectured.

I blinked a time or two. 

“Where’d you get this recipe? The internet? It’s not the London way. No wonder your bakery’s in trouble,” the head continued.

At that moment, I couldn’t have cared less about my bakery. I was more concerned with how my husband’s grandmother had died and what her head was doing in my bread dough. Not to mention wondering where the rest of her body was. This was a first. Adele’s death had to be a recent turn of events. Bleu Clair Bay was a small village. No way had the monarch of the London family met her demise without me getting word of it. I looked around my deserted bakery for its resident ghost, but my dearly departed husband was nowhere to be seen either. 


I was definitely having a case of the Mondays.


Free Mystery

When your best friend is charged with a crime, you step up and take the case.

Even if that means tracking down a killer…